How to build a following on Instagram

How to build a following on Instagram. Is that even possible these days?

Building a following on Instagram these days seems difficult with new and more fun social media outlets like Tiktok and Clubhouse competing for our attention, it almost feels impossible to build a following and a community on your Instagram page.

The quality of your audience on Instagram is the key to making more sales. By quality, I mean, the people showing up in your Instagram stories, watching your Instagram Live, engaging with your questions, and those enquiring about your business through direct messages to you.

It’s great to have 10,000 followers on Instagram but if none of them buys from you, you need to go through your follower’s list and weed some people out.

If you are confused by the terms I have used here like Instagram Story, Instagram Live, IGTV, please go and check out my post on how to use Instagram Live to drive more sales. I went through the process of setting up your business Instagram Page.

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How to Build your Audience on Instagram

In order to build your quality audience on Instagram, you need 3 key things. They are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Content
  3. Analytics

1. Consistency

Consistency means showing up regularly on Instagram. One misconception I had about consistency was posting every day until I ran out of steam and then I disappeared. I have since learnt that consistency means showing up with a piece of baggage that your audience needs and your audience will be longing for it.

For example, you could have themed days like Motivation Mondays where you could talk about things that motivate you or Follow Friday where you showcase your followers or those you follow on a Friday. Over time, your audience knows what is coming and they start waiting for it.

Nothing works overnight. The power is not in a ‘one-time hit’ but rather the build-up from the momentum of consistency.

2. Content

Content is always king. It doesn’t matter if the content is on your website or on social media. You want to ensure that your content is singing from the same page as your niche/brand. Remember content is more than just posting. It is creating a connection & emotion.

When your ideal quality audience comes to your page, they will only stay if your content appeals to them.

To achieve quality content, do these 3 things.

  • Write down exactly what your goal or brand is about (Promise Statement)
  • Who your ideal customer is
  • What your ideal customer needs to know.

The ‘one-liner’ here is: Who is my content talking to and what problem am I solving?

Once you know who your target audience is, your next step is to create content consistently.

How to create content consistently.

How to build a following on Instagram | Bolupe

In order to create content consistently, you need content pillars.

Content pillars are the themes that are the foundation of your brand. To create a content pillar, choose 3 to 5 things you want to talk about or 3 to 5 things you need to push your brand out there. This will help you consistently create content your audience needs.

For example, if you are a fitness instructor, your promise statement could be to help women burn belly fat.

Your content pillar could be:

1. 30 minutes workout routines every week

2. Tip Tuesday

3. Easy nutritional meals

Finally, assign your different content pillar to different formats or type (video, carousel, photo) and post on Instagram.

3. Analytics

Just like tracking your analytics on Google, you also need to track your analytics on Instagram.

How to track your analytics on Instagram

How to build a following on Instagram |

In order to track your analytics on Instagram, you need to have a business account or page.

Follow these steps.

1. Take a look at your analytics. What is it telling you about the best day to post?

2. Note down the % of accounts reached + your content interactions + your follower breakdown.

3. Note down the age range of your followers too. This information is very important for closing sales.

For best practices, track your analytics every week.

Once you have nailed your consistency, content and analytics, your next step is to develop great engagement tactics.

There are 3 engagement tactics that will land you your valuable client on Instagram. They are:

  1. Hashtag Tactics
  2. Ideal Follower Tactics
  3. Steal your competitor followers Tactics

1. Hashtag Tactics
The power of Hashtags is often under-estimated. Hashtags have the power to expose you to a bigger audience and niche followers.

How to use the Hashtag tactics.

a. Go to Hashtags from:

  • Your most recent post
  • Niche hashtags
  • Hashtags from a competitor’s most recent post

b. Engage with 10 people on each hashtag

Remember that some people including myself follow hashtags and that means that you are exposed to even bigger audiences.

Why Hashtag Tactics Works: 
This tactic focuses your engagement and visibility efforts on a niche and industry-specific targeted hashtags which will give you a list of targeted new followers to engage with.

2. Ideal Follower Tactics
When looking for your ideal follower, you have to think about where they might hang out. What are your ideal follower’s likes and dislikes? Is your ideal follower in fashion? Is your ideal follower a parent? Once you know who your ideal follower is, your next step is to find them.

How to use the ideal follower tactics.
Search for your ideal follower by going to an ideal follower’s account → go to suggested followers → and follow and engage with 3 people → then go down the “rabbit hole” and keep following and engaging with suggested followers of suggested followers 1-3 times
deep. Rinse and repeat and do this 5 times a week.

Why Ideal Follower Tactics Works: 
This tactic gives you a specific list of qualified people to follow and engage with that are brand new and similar to your ideal client.

3. ‘Steal your competitor followers’ Tactics

This is an old trick done across the online business world. You have to regularly spy on your competitor in a friendly way.

How to use ‘steal your competitor followers’ tactics

To do this, set up a notification for your competitor so that you are the first to know when they post on their Instagram page.

Once your competitor has posted, like and adds a meaningful comment, then watch as other people add comments  → engage with all the people who commented on their
most recent post.

Why ‘steal your competitor followers’ Works: This tactic gives you a specific list of qualified people to follow and engage with because they are following a competitor
AND they commented meaning they are active/engaged and thus more likely to engage with you as well.

There are 3 initiation methods to use to interact with your ideal clients. They are:

  1. DM Method
  2. Poll Method
  3. Engagement Stickers Method.

1. DM Method

The DM means direct messaging. In order to get people to send you DM, you need to go to the settings on your Instagram story and change it to allow DM’s. The other three ways to initiate conversions with your ideal followers through DMs are:

  • Swiping up on their stories.
  • Messaging them from their account after engaging.
  • From your own IG live or stories, look at who is watching and go DM those people.

2. Poll Method

The Poll feature is available on your Instagram Story. To effectively use the poll feature, go to your story controls and click on allow message replies. Also, allow resharing to stories that means that other people can add your posts to their stories.

Top tip: Add an interactive poll to your story regularly.

3. Engagement Stickers Method

Engagement stickers are available in your Instagram story. There are different engagement stickers like the Question sticker, the Quiz sticker, the Poll sticker, the Countdown sticker and the Slider sticker.

Here are the 3 steps to enhance your use of the engagement sticker.

Step 1. Post an engagement sticker on your stories.
Step 2. Engage with 20 people who viewed the story.
Step 3. DM at least 10 people who responded to the poll or question or quiz.

Instructions on Getting your Ideal Client on Instagram.

I have listed different tactics on this tutorial on the best way to get your ideal quality client. These tactics won’t work if you don’t put the effort in. Nothing grows without some attention.

If you do all of these tactics every day you will start to not only consistently grow your account with targeted new followers, but also prime specific ideal clients through your DM’s so that when you pitch your services next time, they will be primed and ready to buy!

The clear instruction here is:

Do these tactics every day for 2 weeks. You need to spend between 30 minutes to 60 minutes on your Instagram page every day.

If you are serious about making sales and income through your products, affiliate link or through brand partnership, these tactics will that simple!

There are no shortcuts! So if you want to grow your biz for real, it’s time to put in the work and follow the steps to a T! Then, watch your account SKYROCKET with new targeted followers every week!

Thank you for reading my post. If you did not understand any part of this post, please leave your comments down here, I will try my best to help you.

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