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Bolupe designed her first personal website in December 2012 and have perfected the craft of creating personal websites without fluff.

She nows has 4 thriving websites.

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Testers Feedback

I just loved the clarity and feel of the book. It provided the information that I needed to create my website.

Bolanle A

The genius way in which Bolupe sees everything differently. It's all I needed to get me started.

Seye O

As a mum, I am constantly on the lookout for something new. In this book I have found a new way to design my website without all the jargons you get from a designer.


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  • “There will be no fluff. This is direct, straight to the point training - A step by step guide."

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  • Creating your personal website will only take 35 minutes. Now I know that might sound overwhelming, but this ebook will guide you through the process quickly.

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  • Your roadmap to successfully creating your personal website.