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I'm Bolupe.

I believe you can make a conscious choice on the role you want to play in Racial Equality in Education.

Do you want to enrich your curriculum with diversity?

Do you want to address racism in education?

Do you want to improve achievements and learning outcomes for Black and Ethnic Minorities pupils?

Do you want to become Anti-racist?

My job is to give you simplified, easy-to-read tools without any fluff to help you thrive on your journey to becoming anti-racist.


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Unapologetic results for your journey

Curated Ebooks that will give you the tools to get started without the fluff or conflicting details on what to do.



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How to dismantle racism in schools


What does it mean to an Anti-Racist teacher?


How to use books by Black and Ethnic minority authors.


How to recognise talents and promote Black teachers

Knowledge is everything

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The Antiracist Blog is your starting point to understanding more about changing your mindset and appreciating diversity.


CPD & Training

I offer indepth courses on Anti-racism and I offer staff training and CPD on racism in schools.


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I love speaking and empowering people to make an impact regardless of their position.

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Legacy is everything

My why.

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Making an impact is my calling

Bolupe means to make an impact and I am justing living my name and my calling.


Genuine Impact

We understand that the need is plentiful and can only be tackled one step at a time. We ship out clothing and books to local communities where there is a lack monthly.



We collaborate with charitable organisations in Nigeria and host fundraising activities.

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